Student guides

Whether you’re a New Zealander or an international student, our guides will help you make the right choices and save money.

We will be adding new guides on a regular basis. Do you have a great idea for a student guide? Contact us and let us know!

Student guide to car insurance

We help you understand car insurance in NZ, save money, and choose the right policy.

Getting a laptop

Discover which laptops universities recommend, student discounts, long-term laptop and loan schemes.

Best student bank accounts

From interest-fee overdrafts to special discounts, we review student bank accounts to find the best.

Student contents insurance

From what contents insurance covers in New Zealand to the best ways students can save.

Health and travel insurance

Mandatory for international students in New Zealand, we help you understand what it covers and more.

Read this guide in Chinese (Simplified): 新西兰留学生健康旅行保险

Credit cards

Learn about credit cards in New Zealand, including how and when interest and fees are charged, who is eligible, and much more.

Best student mobile plans

We present the best deals for students on mobile plans and look at all available student discounts and special offers.