We regularly publish surveys and reports that shine a light on personal finance topics affecting New Zealanders.

Tipping in New Zealand Survey 2024

Sixty percent of Kiwis either sometimes or often leave a tip, but should wages be enough to make tipping unnecessary? We asked New Zealand.

Credit Card Survey Report 2024

Are credit card rewards still worthwhile? Which is the most important card feature? Our survey found out.

Christmas Spending Survey 2023

From money stress to thoughts on sustainable gifting, more than 1,000 Kiwis told us about their Christmas spending plans.

NZ Investor Report 2023

Kiwis told us about their attitudes to investing, from their thoughts on sustainable investing, to their expectations for 2023.

NZ's Insurance Poverty Premium

Our research found contents insurance costs up to 40% more for Kiwis in low-prosperity areas of Auckland.

Christmas Spending Report 2022

We asked Kiwis about their planned spending for Christmas 2022 This is what they told us.