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Offering unsecured loans up to $30,000, the Lending People is a lender that wants to help you fund your next big purchase.

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Updated 3 May 2024

The Lending People

The breakdown

  • The Lending People provides unsecured personal loans for up to $30,000.
  • The application process can be entirely online, but The Lending People does provide advisers if needed.
  • The lender can provider finance directly but may refer you to a partner company if it can’t meet your requirements.
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    Key loan details

    • Interest rate: 13.90% – 23.90% p.a.
    • Minimum loan amount: $3,000
    • Available terms: 1 – 5 years
    • Secured or unsecured: Unsecured
    • Maximum loan amount: $30,000
    • Establishment fee: $174

    Author: Kevin McHugh, Head of Publishing at Banked.

    About The Lending People

    Based in Auckland and owned by MTF Finance, The Lending People is a lender that offers unsecured personal loans from $3,000 to $30,000.

    The company used to operate purely as a broker and if it can’t meet your lending needs directly, it can still refer you to one of its partners. It works with a network of lending partners, including The Cooperative Bank, Finance Now and Latitude Financial Services. Offering personal loans, debt consolidation loans and vehicle finance.

    The Lending People is part of the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO) dispute resolution scheme and holds a license issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA)

    Loans available from The Lending People

    The Lending People can offer loans from 13.90% p.a. and its loans can be used for a number of purposes This is one of the lower starting rates out there currently, but you will only get this rate if you meet specific criteria.

    Personal loans

    If you need a home loan for home renovation, a holiday, or pretty much anything else, The Lending People may be able to help you.

    For personal loans, funding is available and the The Lending People may even be able to help those with bad credit get a loan (although it’s important that all applicants have a steady income).

    Debt consolidation loans

    If you want to make debt from credit cards, store cards, or other loans more manageable, a debt consolidation loan is an option to consider.

    The Lending People offers debt consolidation loans and can provide an initial decision on applications quickly through its online application form. This is obviously fast, but remember not to rush into a loan without considering your options first.

    A good debt consolidation loan with a favourable interest rate may be a strong option if you’re looking to simplify repayments and get out of debt faster, but it’s not the right choice for all people and circumstances. Check out our guide to debt consolidation loans to find out more.

    Vehicle finance

    The Lending People also provides vehicle finance, with car loans available for sedans, utes, and most other types of vehicle.

    It can provide pre-approval on all car loans so you can nail down exactly how much you will have available to spend and can focus on getting the best deal on your new vehicle.


    Pricing and fees

    The Lending People has recently revised it’s fees to make them much more simple and clearer (not to mention, lower).

    It now charges a loan establishment fee of $174 for loans of any size. This compares well with a number of its competitors. The Lending People doesn’t charge monthly fees or early repayment fees.

    In some circumstances, The Lending People may refer you to one of several finance companies it partners with to fulfil your loan application. These partners have their own own fees so be sure to confirm what these are before you proceed.

    Key features


    We take a look at some of the features to bear in mind when looking at a loan with The Lending People.

    Speak to an adviser

    While The Lending People does promote the ease by which customers can apply for a loan 100% online, it does have advisers available if you’d prefer to speak to someone about your lending needs.

    We appreciated this option and think that being able to speak to an adviser can be especially beneficial if you’re looking for a loan or if you have slightly unusual or complex financial circumstances.

    If you do choose to chat with an adviser, it’s still important to factor the advice you receive with information from other sources, including your own research, so you will be able to make the most informed decision when considering a loan.

    Borrowers with poor credit considered

    There are relatively few financial institutions in New Zealand that will consider lending to those with poor credit. However, thanks to its access to a network of different lenders, The Lending People can help those with a spotty credit history get a loan if they can’t help you directly.

    Remember that all lenders have their own criteria against which they assess applicants. This means that even those lenders who do consider bad credit applicants, you must still be able to show you can meet your repayments without significant difficulty.

    Pre-approval is available

    The Lending People offers pre-approval for up to 90 days. Being pre-approved for a loan means that you have been assessed and conditionally approved for a loan. This includes how much you can borrow, the interest rate you’ll get and how long the loan term is.

    Pre-approval is particularly helpful when it comes to vehicle finance. It means you can focus on finding and purchasing the car you’re looking for, plus it means you’ll be in a stronger position when dealing with car dealers.

    Eligibility requirements

    Required criteria

    Unfortunately, The Lending People does not publish it’s acceptance criteria. However, you can expect the following requirements to apply: 

    • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
    • Income: You must have a steady and regular income.
    • Proof of ID: You must be able to provide a current NZ driver’s licence or passport.

    Pros and cons of a Lending People loan

    Thumbs up and thumbs down


    • It can draw on a network of lenders and banks to find a suitable loan if it can’t meet your needs directly.
    • The online application process is quick, but advisers are also available if you would prefer to chat with someone.
    • Loan terms can be up to 5 years, which is longer than some lenders can offer and will appeal to those looking for a longer repayment period.


    • If it refers you to one of its network partners, you won’t have visibility of the fees that partner charges upfront.


    We like that The Lending People can support applications for unsecured loans for up to $30,000, but that it can also draw on its network of lending partners for loan applications it can’t meet directly. 

    Its website is easy to use but it’s also great that potential customers can choose to speak to an adviser if they would prefer to discuss their lending needs in detail.

    Unfortunately, if The Lending People operates in the capacity of  a broker for your loan, there is is less visibility around what fees may be charged until that lending partner is identified. The Lending People may also earn a commission from this partner for any referrals.

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